Lexus Winners Club

“Do you know your way around New York City?”

Our European head of Lexus wants to invite the top 10 general managers of Lexus car dealerships to NYC for a premium incentive. Do you guys know your way around NYC well?”

We answered YES to the question right off the bat, because our network in New York City is made up of highly dedicated, talented and creative minds, with the help of whom we have already implemented a project or two.

Nevertheless, we had to pitch and prove that we as ATE were capable of putting together such a high-end incentive.

Money can´t buy

Despite an exceptionally generous budget, the brief’s motto “Money can’t buy” was the real challenge in designing the event.

Crucial to winning the pitch and making the guests feel incredibly good on the ground in NYC were the small exclusive insider events that only our locals could scout and organize with the right contacts.

The idea was to welcome the 10 winners of the Lexus Winners Club in NYC like stars right at the beginning. Private VIP helicopters were waiting at JFK airport to fly the troop directly to Madison Square Garden to watch the Knicks vs. Nets basketball game. Exuberant mood, hotdogs and beer were obligatory.

Via the famous Highline, the way then led to the exclusive hotel “The Standard” with a view of the characteristic skyline of New York, in whose rooftop bar we celebrated for a long time.

Among the many exciting and varied mini-events, the visit to Martin Greenfield was an absolute highlight. Who can claim to own a garment personally tailored by Mr. Greenfield? From a tailor who has dressed six U.S. presidents in addition to Hollywood celebrities?! So the private yacht ride to the Statue of Liberty and the exclusive dinner at one of the world’s most prestigious restaurants, Madison Eleven, almost became an anecdote.


Kind of crazy, but still indicative of the whole trip was lunch at Roberta’s. Rustic pizza in a corrugated metal shack, behind the doors of which you’d probably have suspected less than NYC’s best pizza. Nothing made for more conversation . Who knew Brooklyn pizza was more hyped than a 4-star restaurant?

Rarely have top managers been seen more relaxed than side by side under the knife, in the chair of one of SoHo’s hippest barbers we had lined up for our squad.
What the guys had certainly not experienced before, was a private footshooting under the Brooklyn Bridge.

At the latest there was also the celebrity feeling. To get an official permission for it was simply not possible. But we wouldn’t be ATE if we hadn’t started a guerrilla action that left the managers amazed.

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