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“we present the new Lexus Urban hybrid explorer in a roadshow”

We were quite euphoric when Lexus, the premium brand of Toyota, invited us to pitch for a big roadshow. Although we had already realized some extravagant projects for Lexus before, the invitation was a great honor – the Champions League of the event industry.

No appearance at the IAA was planned that year for the market launch of the new Lexus UX, the Urban Hybrid Explorer. Instead, the company wanted to present the car directly to the target group and invest the trade show budget in a road show. The customer’s expectations and the associated requirements were correspondingly high.

With terms like leads, visibility, interaction, cutomer advisory, test drive, desirability, brand awareness, target group, major cities, we had to form a concept with our creative team.

Unconventional but extremely ambitious and enthusiastic, we convinced together as a team and won the pitch. It pays out to burn for ideas. Last but not least, we are part of the target group of the Lexus UX ourselves.

tick tock

Everything we wanted to put on the road had to meet Lexus’ extremely high standards for build quality, exceptional design and traditional craftsmanship.

In only 12 weeks of combined planning and construction time, we transformed two sea containers into a mobile vehicle presentation for the luxury brand Lexus. The final result was the Tatami Pavillion. With this show model we were able to present brand and vehicles effectively and sustainably at major events.

In parallel, a team of promoters was scouted, recruited, trained and dressed to adequately present the brand.

challenge accepted

No big surprise: In the end, the biggest challenge was to organize and coordinate the logistics for the many test vehicles, the giant containers and the appropriate crane over a period of three months and the travel from event to event.


One highlight of the tour was the Lexus UX appearance at Parookaville, one of the largest music festivals in Europe with over 200,000 participants. We transformed the Japanese pavilion into a flashy neon booth, made the UX shine and set up a spectacular hands-on interactive event for the festival visitors.

At the end of the roadshow, we were able to toast to an absolutely successful tour together with Lexus. The goals set by the customer were more than fulfilled, the Lexus UX has found its way into the target group.

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