Netlight Spring Summit



The idea to look for an empty village for a two-day Summit with 800 participants was admittedly a bit crazy. We realized how crazy after three months of research, during which we had turned all of Europe upside down in search of a suitable village.

When hope was already threatening to fade, we got a hot tipp – the Pueblo Español in Palma de Mallorca.


The location was originally an open-air museum that a prominent real estate agent wanted to buy and convert into luxury apartments. However, the authorities prohibited the project in the meantime. Luckily for us, we got the chance to rent the 25,000m2 area, with old walls and beautiful squares, fountains and a historic church, an arena and a castle. Simply an amazing location for an event!


Of course. The snag was that there was no infrastructure whatsoever for an event of this dimension. All the houses, stores and restaurants were completely empty. At least there was water and electricity, so that was a start. What followed was the real madness: We rented hundreds of beds, mattresses, bed linen, etc. in Germany, shipped them to the island and converted the backdrops into accommodations.

For the restaurants, we loaded entire commercial kitchens onto trucks and transported them to Palma. We also had the kitchen team that supplied and fed the participants for two days. Several bars, a pop-up café and a fruit store made our village complete.


The motto of the Summit was MOMENTS. For two days, inspiring and unforgettable moments were to be created together with the Summit participants.

For example, there were the “Freeze Moments”. Every hour, all activities were frozen for an individual freeze moment.

It is a unique spectacle when several hundred people pause as if transfixed for two minutes and countless butterflies rise to the sky from the crowd, or a samba band drums its way out of the side alleys of the village into the marketplace.

Throughout the day, the participants had different tasks to prepare a big fiesta for the evening and cleaning up their village for the celebration. For this purpose, we organized a variety of creative and handicrafts workshops.


The highlight of the day was to be the freeze moment at 22:22 in the evening. And it became one of the most unforgettable moments, also for us as an event agency.

A tenor belted out an aria from the balcony down to the marketplace where all the participants had met. A spectacular video mapping was projected onto the old walls of the church. A Rube Goldberg machine, built by the participants themselves under our guidance, stretching over two floors of the old masonry, set off a seemingly endless chain ration. In addition, the fireworks that burned the 22:22 in the sky, made the participants cheer with wide eyes and racing heartbeat throughout the whole pueblo.

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