That was the unmistakable briefing in the pitch for SevenOneMedia, the marketer of ProSieben Media SE for its Dmexco trade show appearance. The booth was to be even bigger and more spectacular than in previous years – with the same budget.

Actually, an impossibility. An “illusion”, as one competitor said. But this illusion became our inspiration.


Our architects from Benz & Ziegler developed the idea of covering the walls and ceiling of the stand interior with mirrors over the entire area to give the impression that the stand was twice as large. Our justified objection: “They (the employees) won’t be able to work here. They’ll go nuts!”

But we wanted to take this risk in consultation with the customer. Although 35 fitters worked in two shifts for five days and nights, the timing of the installation was one of the biggest challenges.

In addition, we had to accommodate over 100 seats, three air-conditioned meeting rooms and a central bar in the space. In the process, the extreme demands of the customer almost became a minor matter. Even the fact that the stand was a spectacular, fully glazed 2 storey construction was almost lost sight of in the hype about the mirror effect.

As well as having our chef produce over 1500 hot appetizers in a tiny kitchen integrated into the booth, which our 30 service staff had to balance through 200 guests at times.

At what ended up being the biggest party of the show with over 1000 guests, the booth was more an Ibiza nightclub than a business trade show booth. The illusion was successful!

It goes without saying that the stand concept was one of the winners of the “Iconic Awards” in the same year.

The staging for Seven One Media deliberately played with the contrasts of space and delimitation, of analog and digital. The Augmented Infinity Brand Space got its “virtual reality” from the semi-transparent mirror surfaces that wrapped the entire space, visually expanding the room and interacting with large LED surfaces.

The resulting hologram effect enriched the real space, with shapes and colours, with messages and graphic lines that crossed in the air. The immersive effect made the visitors a part of the staging and integrated the audience.

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