it´s britney b*tch


When one day american colleagues called us for a cooperation and told us their budget for a roadshow with a glassed truck through Paris, we first laughed out loud.

It was about a promotion action around the launch of the new “Britney Spears Collection” of the fashion brand KENZO.


The truck was to glow in neon colors all around, a large LED wall was to be integrated and – now it was getting embarrassing for us – a glass box in which banknotes flew through the air was to be on board. The customer’s expectation was an individual show truck for the budget for a rental truck.

“Complete madness and impossible to implement for the budget” was our opinion at the beginning – until we had the idea to actually just take a rental truck as a base. We dismantled the tail lift, removed the truck tarpaulin “temporarily”, attached a rented glass container (admittedly a bit unconventional) to the truck bed, installed the LED wall and laid 60m of LED tubes.

We cleverly hid the generator that supplied the power for the LED wall in an extra box behind the driver’s cab. The fact that we painted 100 beer crates shiny in the CI color of the customer for promotion purposes is only a side note in this crazy project.

In the end, the only thing left to do was the TÜV. Our KENZO truck fell short of the permissible overall height for vehicles in Europe by just under 2cm and was approved for road traffic. We were pretty lucky.

The customers were over the moon when they got to see the truck live for the first time in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The roadshow was a huge success, and the American colleagues were not just colleagues anymore. They became our friends.

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